Monday, August 22, 2011

We have Moved!

As our business expand into wedding planning services, our website has moved to to be in-line with our sister company White Moments.

Visit us at the website above or forward your emails to!

Looking forward in providing you with an unforgettable reception, a great way to start your wedding, parties or a gathering!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Appearance Matters!

Our Pure Indulgence package comes with these gorgeous take-away boxes.

Instead of the conventional, 'rather useless' doorgifts that the hotel gives, why not use the sweet reception as The Wedding Favour as well!

Let us set up our customized Candy Reception for you and have your guests take them away in these personalized take-away box.

The Ribbons will be selected based on your Wedding Theme and stickers will be specially designed for you!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Promotions we love

For the month of May, we are running a promotion.

For each quotation, we will include a free Chocolate fountain (exclude the melting chocolate, which is readily available in stores).

This could act as your center piece for your Candy Buffet!

Add some fruits or marshmallow according to your colour theme

and viola

yet another Unique Reception!

For more details, contact us at

Saturday, March 5, 2011

All about us!

We, at YrDreamWedding, are committed in creating a Special and Unique wedding reception for you.  Every bride wants their wedding to be the one that everyone will be talking about even 10 yrs down the road and this starts from the moment they step into the ballroom: Something to whet your guests appetite , so why serve them the usual nuts and cocktails, let us prepare the Unique reception for you!

We specialized in creating a Sweet Buffet Reception according to your theme with the candy of your choice, flowers, feathers, etc.

If you have a princess/ fairytale theme), we will prepare and provide you sweets provided in pink and white (M&Ms, lollipops, marshmallow etc). You will be pleasantly surprise by the colour effect !

We provide
  •  Retro, American, Europeans and Australia sweets according to your theme

  • Full set up included: Jars, scoops and take-away bags you need
(Why not use this for your wedding favours instead)
  • Artistic decorations and designs according to your theme
  • Personal Service
Although this originated as a wedding reception, we do this for birthday parties (especially for children's parties), Christmas parties, corporate events  within Singapore and surrounding areas

 Further information and prices can be found on this website, alternatively you can contact us at
(at a discounted price as we are sweets wholesaler)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Preview Teaser

What geets your guests at your Wedding Reception?


How about this for a change?

Email me at for more pictures and information!

As it's St Valentines' Day, special promotion for those who place a confirmation of their 'Reception to Remember' by the 14th March 2011: FREE reception decorations (either Fresh Flower centerpiece or my all-time-favourite Crystal-Tree design)!